sportvideos365 is rapidly reaching out to new Markets and Partners who are eager to support Amateur and Youth Sports.

sportvideos365 Video Live Ticker enables and empowers teams and clubs to produce and publish short video clips of their best sport highlights. All this in real-time, uploaded to club websites and partner sites with a simple one-click technology. It has never been easier to produce high quality video content and keep players, fans and partner sites connected with the latest action in real time.

„Our video technology for sportvideos365 is innovative and at the same time very affordable. It’s quick and easy to implement throughout global sports industry“ says Matúš Parízek, Managing Director of Austrian-Slovak start-up sportvideos365.

Part of the popularity, and rapid growth of sportvideos365 is due to the fact that it offers its mobile application to clubs for free, winning them big fans within the amateur and semi-professional sports industry. By using sportvideos365, each sports club can dynamically and easily build up its own digital DNA. Thanks to our state of the art technology, clubs can quickly and effectively create real-time highlights for all of their sporting events. Apart from this, we equip all clubs with their own personal free club TV and we additionally work to promote them on the most favorite partner sites in each country.
sportvideos365 successfully established itself within Germany and Austria, where some of the largest sports portals and sports federations are using its state of art video technology to catch all sporting highlights on tape.

For now sportvideos365 is being used by teams and clubs across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Brazil. New markets are being entered fast. „From a long term perspective we want to see our technology used across the globe. For now we are focusing on working with our existing users and entering new markets in Europe and South America“ says Thomas Aigner, CEO.

This ambitious start-up is rapidly growing in fanbase, and is expanding every day.

The statistics speak for themselves:
+100.000.000 video views
+200.000 goals
+700.000 highlights
+50.000 games captured and shared in real-time

(official statistics – April 2017).

sportvideos365 predict massive growth in the upcoming year. They are working hard to reach their goal of disrupting global amateur and youth sports as it is now, by connecting fans with real-time highlights at zero costs. Sports clubs and leagues that don´t have big financial resources can now have now improve their game by creating real-time video content, analyze it within a special sports video player, and publish it to fans and sponsors.

„Our mission is to help youth, amateur and semi-professional sports to become more attractive. At the moment, all of the attention and financial support for sport is held by professional teams and clubs. Professionals represent just 1% of athletes, while the remaining 99% are fighting daily to grow their sport – but some of the best and most passionate scenes happen within amateur leages. We aim to tackle this problem head on, and create brighter future for amateur and semi-professional athletes“ says Thomas Aigner.

Through using the sportvideos365 mobile app, each club can create cool digital content and reduce costs for running old and costly camera systems. The costs for using sportvideos365 are close to zero. “The only things a club needs is a smartphone, tripod and powerbank. Apart from this, clubs don’t pay anything to get capturing their highlights. On the contrary, we help clubs earn revenues through sponsor activation within their videos. These revenues can go a long way in helping amateur athletes grow their game“. Another big advantage is that clubs don´t need internet while they are recording. They can connect to a WiFi network after the game, with all the highlights automatically uploaded to the club channel.

Club TV for free, with all the Perks

Just after installing the sportvideos365 Cam mobile app (available at Google Play Store and coming soon to iOs) and after a quick verification process, each club receives its own personalized club channel. Club TV has a number of cool functionalities, like real-time highlights, instant social media sharing, slow-motion replay, draw analysis directly in the web player, video branding and sponsor activation opportunities.

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