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We do only invest when we can sustainably drive company values with our expertise – experience, network and expert pool.

The FMCG specialist

Clever Clover invests in young entrepreneurs with innovative FMCG ideas with the potential of sustainable growth within 3 to 5 years.

Located in the hearts of Amsterdam and Vienna

About us

Uniquely, our investors are often individuals who have achieved business success themselves and wish to provide more than just capital to start-ups. This is an important part of the Clever Clover advantage. Our supported companies benefit from outstanding expertise and peer networks that other accelerators just cannot provide.

Our vision

The unique vision for Clever Clover was simple: to look beyond web and digital start-ups to the countless other opportunities for innovative ideas and new business models in traditional industries. Clever Clover was created to deliver a unique platform for helping these businesses grow, through investment, knowledge and an exemplary network of hand-picked Experts.

Today, Clever Clover has partnerships with a number of innovative early stage companies in food, travel, leisure and manufacturing.

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Our Investments

Clever Clover invests in early stage businesses. Are you looking to invest in one of our startups?

A word from our investors

"I became involved with clever clover because this is not just an investment opportunity but it gave me a chance to be involved and where needed supply support."Rober James Semple
Rober James SempleInvestor
"We joined Clever Clover because of the diverse and enriching group of individuals who share a passion for great people, values and ideas which they want to make happen. And it´s a lot of fun!"Philipe Metzger
Philipe MetzgerInvestor
 "I fully support Clever Clover’s vision that the old economy is ripe for change and growth; for new ideas and new technology. Clever Clover’s unique focus on start-ups in the traditional industry sectors is exactly what our economy needs.Hans Peter Haselsteiner
Hans Peter HaselsteinerInvestor