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We are Clever Clover.

A pan-European team of passionate people who help and support innovative brands in the food industry.

Added value and strongholds.

In addition to providing experience and commitment, we play an active role in the growth of the companies, helping them navigate the retail space and building strategies to generate sustainable, long-term growth.

United by purpose.

You can’t achieve your goals without the right support. One of the key elements is to stay relevant by deepening ties with established partners.

Our Vision.

Clever Clover is a European FMCG specialist committed to growing alongside its clients and developing new ideas which enable their customers to create specific diets that meet their needs.

Our Partners.

The past shows that we can’t achieve our goals and have a competitive advantage in the market without the right support. One of the key elements to achieve this is to stay relevant in a rapidly changing start-up world and deepen ties with established partners. Together with our partners we work on a model that generates sustainable growth for all parties involved.

The focus of Dharma Solutions lies on finding an optimal combination of different funding and financing options and to support start-ups with their funding applications. This means, among other things, help with the business model, the business plan as well as market and competition analyses. The aim is to help navigate through the financing landscape, to relieve administrative work and to ensure that start-up teams can concentrate on their own expertise.

Chartered Brands was founded in 2003, building on previous team success in brand acquisition, management and divestment in the decades before. Over the years they have developed and proved their brand value management approach. This breaks into brand assessment, and realisation of tangible value from growth to monetisation. They work with and for partners of all types, from global multinationals to start-ups. They work across all consumer packaged goods sectors and have been particularly successful over the past decade with the launch of brand leaders into food and drink categories.

Niceshops GmbH is an internationally active Austrian online trading and e-commerce company with headquarters in Saaz, Styria, and additional locations in Graz, Vienna and Ulm. The company operates around 40 different shop portals – a total of 341 international online shops.

5M Ventures is a unique start-up accelerator that meets all the needs of entrepreneurs: Fundraising, Consulting, Media For Equity, Space Purchasing and an Investment Fund dedicated to Consumer Goods.

There are a lot of great ideas in the FMCG area, but whether these will be successful ultimately depends on the consumer, and they are not included in decision making in conventional processes. Go2market team has established a real-life market research tool that works with a stationary supermarket and real consumers. The consumers / members correspond to the average socio-demographics. They are registered with details of all relevant parameters (sociodemography / socioeconomics) and analysed at various levels in the course of their purchase.

FEAST is a strategic investment company with decades of combined experience in China’s food industry. Grown from F&B import and brand-building specialists, their team of domain experts live and breathe for their brands. They enable rapid evaluation and operations covering every step from market entry due diligence, consumer insights, online-first brand management to omnichannel sales execution. All of this is fused by decisive leadership and working hand-in-hand, to get your product, where it needs to go.

The Grow Partnership seeks out small FMCG brands to develop through financial investment, brand direction and marketing. The partnership between Foodies Festival, Chartered Brands and The Society focuses on food and drink branded businesses and promotes the value growth at different stages of lifecycle helping businesses with seeding, nourishing, and flourishing. The Society identifies brands and products with potential, helps them with their strategic direction and marketing and accelerates their growth, with a view to positioning them for acquisition.

Specialized for Amazon Marketing strategies, eFly-amz allows businesses to fully concentrate on their business while growing their Amazon presence. With a strong agency like eFly-amz as a partner for your Amazon marketing, you can fully exploit the sales potential of your products and not leave any market share to the competition. Included in their services are Amazon Advertising, Content Management, SEO Optimizinh and Personal Consulting. As a leading Amazon specialist agency, eFly-amz looks after your Amazon PPC advertising and helps you with internationalization.

In her 16-year career as a purchasing and supply chain manager, Margot has worked in many well-known companies (Interspar, SPAR, Nestlé).

As the founder and head of Procfit GmbH, Margot and her team have already successfully completed more than 800 supply chain projects. Regardless of the order quantity, which industry and which country – there is no purchasing project that Margot has not yet seen and carried out. Her immense experience helps you to safely master the hurdles and pitfalls of international sourcing.

Stefan is a multi-faceted academic. As the coordinating head of the degree program he conveys to his students that opportunity recognition is more than a strategy – it is a passion! He sees himself as a facilitator that brings together the right people at the right moment. In his point of view, a strong network draws on consideration for one another and not just oneself. Sharing creates opportunities! Some Success Stories of Clever Clover have already kicked off in his courses and for sure, others will follow.

Sandra is founder and CEO of the Limbio®Group and its associated companies. She uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) to study the effect of advertising and sales measures on the customer brain for major brands. Sandra is also a B2B coach for neurocommunication and Wanting®- strategies as well as the developer of the neurocommunication- concept MotionPoints®. Her company serves over 170 customers in the divisions: brain scan marketing, neuro recruiting and limbic presenting.


Together with Erste Bank and REWE International, we have proved to be an impact-focused partner which helps mid-size companies that are coming through the startupticket scale fast and roll-out to an international audience.

Clever Clover’s Current Startups.


It’s all about the people. Always.

Some insights.

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As part of this year's series of 2min2mio - next week's candidates are the "Fratellis" part of the REWE startup ticket program. Heinrich Prokop , Mehr sehen

Clever Clover

Clever Clover

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🚀 Heinrich Prokop ist back again at the Austria Startup TV Show 2Minuten 2Millionen starting 📺 on the 30th january every tuesday primetime 20:15 Uhr Mehr sehen

Clever Clover is at Feinkost Käfer.

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There are moments when we are - a tiny bit - proud when projects hit certain milestones. Bestfoodies founder - Dani Sepp - started in Mehr sehen

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We are looking forward to new Startups with Innovations and brilliant Ideas comming soon at austrias Shark Tank Show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen featuring Clever Mehr sehen

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As we reflect on the year, we're reminded of the strength found in mutuality. In challenging times, the positive spirit within our company has been Mehr sehen

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Clever Clover is with Heinrich Prokop and 12 others.

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What a great evening we had - - it‘s amazing to be able to physically feel the vibe & the spirit on occasions like this. Mehr sehen

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Clever Clover

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Daniela Sepp - one of our partners in Germany & founder of Bestfoodies, recently sent us this video. So, if you ever wondered- „how do Mehr sehen

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Clever Clover

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120" ... the format of our local Media collaboration in Krems - is an excellent platform for young regional talents to pitch to a great Mehr sehen

Clever Clover

Clever Clover Team.

Clever Clover invests not only capital but also access to a broad network of established industry specialist from all essential disciplines.

This enables Clever Clover’s start-ups to gain an edge by having access to world-class expertise in an easy  and affordable way. In addition to this network of hand-picked advisors, Clever Clover offers start-ups connectivity to its wider peer network.