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Clever Clover's Expert Network

Clever Clover invests not only capital but also access to a broad network of established industry specialist from all essential disciplines.

This enables Clever Clover’s start-ups to gain an edge by having access to world-class expertise in an easy  and affordable way. In addition to this network of hand-picked advisors, Clever Clover offers start-ups connectivity to its wider peer network.

Each one of our Experts was selected because of their experience, in addition to their dedication to working with small businesses and the ability to translate their knowledge into easily executable tasks – an essential requirement for early stage companies. Access to this Expert Network will be managed by the Clever Clover executive team.

Our management

Director Founding Partner

Heinrich Prokop

Heinrich Prokop has an outstanding track record in international business and as an investor in start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses. His industry experience is in manufacturing, food production, supply chain management and retail.


  • Managing Director NEO Investments BV – the investment fund for Clever Clover
  • Phase II assessor of business proposals
  • Provides support to partners in areas of financial management, manufacturing, production and supply chain
  • managing finance and operations for the direct investment portfolio and fund investment portfolio, with responsibility for financial and operational due diligence for investments of NEO investments BV.
Managing Director - Founding Partner

Marloes Voermans

Marloes Voermans brings a creative and hands-on approach to Clever Clover and its start-ups. She brings a wealth of business management and sales experience and helps start-ups by connecting them and making introductions to the right people.

 “I really enjoy helping our startups establish and develop their company’s personality, perspective, and reason for being, using whatever means are at their disposal to help them achieve both their creative and sales direction.”


  • Involved in the early stage development of start-ups, scopes projects; connects them with decision makers and influencer’s across industries
  • Working together with our startups on their sales and sales strategy, growth and analytics, user acquisition and retention
  • Marketing support to build, maintain and extend professional networks in the market
  • Responsible for investor relationship management; maintain and improve client retention and client satisfaction.
  • Represent company at industry events, conferences, and networking groups.
Audit, Accounting, Taxes and M&A

Robert Goemans

Robert started his career at Deloitte Amsterdam and has over a decade experience in Audit, Accounting, Taxes and M&A. At Deloitte he was involved in the audit of listed international companies as well as smaller companies and worked on a number of national and international M&A deals from a financial acquisition and vendor due diligence perspective. During this period Robert graduated for his Post-Master Accountancy. Currently Robert co-owns Bendor, a company in Amsterdam that provides business administration, accounting and fiscal services. Currently Bendor services over 100 clients from a wide variety of industries.

“Financial reporting is one of the key processes at any company but especially for start-ups. With my experience and working alongside with the Clever Clover team we can help to improve and better understand the “story told by the numbers”. This provides both management and investors very valuable tools to manage and control the start-ups”

Our experts

Senior Expert Marketing & Media

Anja Spielmann

Growing up in a truly entrepreneur family in Austria Anja always had a passion for business and new businesses. Being broad up with different businesses and different industries she learned very young what it needs for running a business.

After her master degree in Business Administration and some years living abroad she started her career as a Marketing and Media expert for various FMCG companies in different positions and countries. Currently Anja is working as Marketing Director and Executive member of the board for a multinational FMCG in Switzerland.

“Every new business is like raising a child: it is tough and hard but it is always worth it. I am here to help with the first steps.”

CEO of Venionaire

Berthold Karlic

Berthold Baurek-Karlic is a venture capital expert, serial entrepreneur and business angel. Over the past 10 years he structured and accompanied transactions with an overall volume of more than one billion Euros. He is the driving force behind key operations and scaling business development of the corporate finance and venture capital advisory Venionaire Capital. The financial expert is also CEO of Venionaire Investment (a majority owned subsidiary of Venionaire Capital), which is the first registered European Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) by the Austrian Financial Markets Authority with a licence for transnational management of EuVECA funds. In addition, Mr. Baurek-Karlic is Co-Founder of the education platform as well as the high-tech startup system7 rail support and he is initiator of the Business Angel Institute.

Venionaire Investment GmbH was established in 2015 and registered as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in Vienna, Austria. Venionaire serves as an operational partner
for Clever Clover in particular with mid- and back-office management resources. Through the international network of Venionaire (esp. USA and China), Clever Clover gains additional leverage in terms of business development, network and growth for their portfolio companies.

Expert in finance, controlling, re-structuring and re-organisation

Christian Coreth


After studying Business Administration at the „Vienna University of Economics and Business“ Christian made his initial experiences in tax advising and accounting. Then moved on to more diverse companies where his responsibilities included finance, controlling, mergers and acquisitions, re-organisation and re-structuring, IT, procurement and logistics. In 2009 he took over a medium sized company deeply in crisis. After a re-organisation and strategic re-orientation process the company was successfully sold to an international corporate group. Over the last two years Christian has been investing in small enterprises and start ups gaining a lot of experience in this field.

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Expert on sales, account management and business growth in retail channels

Jens Köster

Having worked in sales and account management for brands like Louis Vuitton, LEGO, Campari and Sara Lee, Jens is a highly experienced channel development expert. Now working as an independent consultant specialising in helping start-ups and SME develop effective sales practices, Jens is a top-flight expert now especially available for Clever Clover start-ups.

 “Clever Clover is the perfect match for establishing new ideas for “old economy” products. The knowledge exchange in a highly experienced network is one of the key success factors for a new company needing to scale rapidly. I am really looking forward to work with the whole team, the network, and our existing and new start-ups!”

Expert in business development and financial management

Jeroen Tensen

Jeroen has over a decade experience in managing innovation projects. He worked for as well leading multinationals as inspiring start-ups. Known for his common business sense, he is able to define business wise solutions. His in-depth knowledge about general management and corporate finance provide him the skills and tools to implement projects incorporating added value.

“Tuning business models, monitoring results and improving performance are my main value drivers. Clever Clover offers me the opportunity to develop promising business solutions. Supporting talented teams building scaleable organisations is my main goal.”

Expert on international business development, marketing, and optimal pricing strategies.

Joerg Hummer

Joerg has for ten years ben running his own business consultancy in Austria, and before that had 15 years of senior positions, lastly being President and Board Member, at Jungbunzlauer International AG, the leading manufacturer of food ingredients.

His breadth of experience in building international partnerships and business deals is substantial.

“I love to work with young entrepreneurs. It matches perfectly with my capacity to observe, analyse and guide from a distance, as befitting to a professional who has been ‘around the kitchen’ as long as I have.”

Senior Expert Business Development

Johannes Riedl

Johannes is an internationally experienced, multilingual executive in retail, Online, e-Commerce and FMCG with successful long-term track record in corporate groups and owner-managed companies as well as start-ups.
Successful turnarounds und restructuring – based equally on practical economic know-how, pronounced leadership at all levels of hierarchy, sustained sales growth via market development and best-of-class profitability based on improved margins and enhanced efficiency.

Having worked for international retailer and FMCG companies as well as start-ups over the last 25 years he has successfully built his own consulting business.

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Expert Marketing

Kaja Quester

“Starting with an idea and building up a new brand and a new product is a great challenge. It is hard work but also very creative and rewarding when you see how an idea starts to grow into something big.”

After studying Buying and Merchandising / International Trade in New York City, Kaja went to Vienna and began to work in the marketing field. With her husband she built up a company and a  complete new range of products in foods and worked for the past 10 years very close within the food industry. Constantly inventing new products, designing new packaging ideas working on marketing and PR themes is her real passion.

“I love working on new ideas and getting in the mind frame of a company. Being with clever clover is a great opportunity to be connected with very creative people and help them to  accelerate growth.”

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Senior Expert Marketing & Brand Development

Karin Köfinger

Having worked for more than 30 years in various industries, Karin acts as an independent consultant for more than 10 years. She is specialised in creating and developing brands, not only towards consumers or customers but also by implementing a brand driven spirit throughout a company.

 In this role Karin’s extensive experience with marketing, media, e-commerce, CRM & loyalty as well as market & consumer research can provide a lot of practical know- how to Clever Clover’s start-ups.

Investor, Sales / Marketing

Mathias Geyer

Mathias has earned two Master degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Education as well as a Bachelor Degree in Marketing completed in Brisbane, Australia. After finishing his studies he has gained experience as a Trade Marketing Manager at a FMCG company in  Zurich, Switzerland.  He is now working for Johnson & Johnson in Sales being responsible for the 2nd biggest retail company in Austria, having some good connections to the Austrian retail. Mathias has published a book about critical success factors of Social Network Sites, helping him to identify potential opportunities regarding new media.

Seeing the growth of Clever Clover over the last years, it has been fascinating how much passion and energy is within this company. Being an investor from the 1st second, I can encourage all Start-Ups getting in contact with Clever Clover. Beside all the centered knowledge in different business fields, the network of various investors, experts & Start-Ups strengthen the whole community. As one of the youngest team members, I try to give some insights from the early end.

Senior Expert Sales and FMCG

Michael Goblirsch

Michael is the founder and CEO of his own start-up Ohnly – unsweetened, organic drinks and snacks. Before starting Ohnly he gained more than 8 years of experience in different FMCG companies like Red Bull, Procter&Gamble and Reckitt Benckiser. He also works as an independent consultant helping start-ups develop their sales strategy and gaining access to retailers.

“Clever Clover is an excellent opportunity for start-ups as it offers exposure to a great network.
In my role as a senior expert I combine my know-how from leading FMCG companies with my first- hand experience as an entrepreneur and consultant.”

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Raimund Solonar

Raimund puts 40 years of experience in the finance and investment world at Clever Clover’ disposal.

After training in credit business at Chase Manhattan in New York, he helped build up the securities department of Girozentrale in London. He founded Girozentrale in New York and was at its helm until 1990. After his appointment as secretary-general of the ÖVP (The Austrian People’s Party) he was in charge of the entire credit department of Girozentrale.

In 1996 he was on the board of the M&A Bank in Vienna and beginning in 2000 he headed the international business of Volksbank international. Starting in 2005, the passionate golfer was the head of the board of directors of Raiffeisen Centropa Invest AG as well as being managing director of the CAREY Austria GmbH.

Startup Expert

Robin Williams

Robin Williams has immersed himself in the start-up business arena. He is founder and managing director of his own start-up, Brighter Foods (voted Wales Start-Up of the Year 2016) and part of Clever Clover which mentors, supports and invests in start-ups across Europe.

 Robin’s company, Brighter Foods, innovates, develops and produces snack bars for its business partners in the healthier added value sectors such as free-from and weight control. They’ve also launched their own bespoke snack bar -Wild Trail – already shortlisted for a Good Choice Quality Food Award. Robin says he met his fair share of challenges when he launched Brighter, including sourcing funding to design and build the company’s own factory in Tywyn, Gwynedd. He credits his success (turnover was over £10m in the first full year of trading and he now employs over 150 people and can make over two hundred million snack bars a year) to a strong team, a sound knowledge of the sector, tenacity, a positive workplace culture, excellent quality and customer service and some creative thinking. Crucially he made sure the funding they finally secured to launch worked hard and delivered the momentum they needed to make a mark in this huge and growing market.

Expert on advertising, marketing and business development.

Roland van Kralingen

Former CEO of TBWA Netherlands, Spain, and Japan and Member of International Board of Directors for TBWA Worldwide, Roland brings a wealth of professional experience. Combine this with his experience founding INNOA Consult and Sage Partners in Boston, and his books Superbrands, Make Dust or Eat Dust, Tiijd & Geld, Brand World, Naar 2020, De Transparante Wereld, Emotionele Innovatie and De Groeimotor, you have a leading figure in business, branding and entrepreneurship.

 Joining our already extensive network, Roland is a huge boon and will help provide the real-world businesses that define Clever Clover’s supported start-ups with a real edge!

Expert Marketing and Retail

Vanessa Kendrick

Vanessa joins the team with more than ten years experience in procurement for Nestle, working on innovation projects, with a passion for delivering new products to market across geographies. Graduated with a Retail Management Bsc (grounding in Marketing, supply chain, general business topics) and the Nestle Supply Chain Graduate Programme, she’s a consumer focused, positive pragmatist determined to ‘make things happen’ by getting traction on ideas to deliver tangible results. As a seasoned cross-functional collaborator, she’s available to help Clever Clover’s start-ups to home pitches to buyers, facilitate valuable connections leveraging skills within the Clever Clover network and can be relied on to give a fresh, objective point of view.

“I love working with start ups – dynamic challenges and passionate, driven entrepreneurs. I’m interested in differentiation, harnessing your growth potential, and driving consumer focus”.
Legal expert with focus on M&A, Joint Ventures and Investments.

Richard Goemans

Richard is founder and partner at Venture Lawyers, a boutique law firm in Amsterdam specialising in legal advice for startups and investors. Prior to this, he was Partner at the respected Dutch law firm De Breij Evers Boon. Richard brings to Clever Clover a decade of expertise, and importantly a specialised field of interest that our startups can benefit from immediately.

“The startup scene in the Netherlands is booming and Clever Clover fits perfectly in this rapidly-evolving environment. For me, joining Clever Clover as an expert fits with my pragmatic personal attitude, and the desire to see every startup furnished with the vital basic tools they need to truly make a success of their business.”

Expert Business and Relationships

Wilhelm Homa

Wilhelm has earned two Master degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Education and completed further trainings in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

 During and after his studies he gained experience in marketing, marketing control and customer relationship management in the energy and automobile industry. He is now working as a consultant in the automobile industry, being responsible for dealership network development. Beside his full time employment and his work for clever clover, he is currently doing a further specification in „Marketing & Sales“ at the vienna university for economics and business.

 “Getting in contact with clever clover is an impressive experience. It means getting access to a network of experts from different business sectors who are willing to share their experience with young start-up entrepreneurs. Know-how, combined with a lot of passion and the purpose to push innovative ideas in traditional business sectors are some of the key factors for success. To me, clever clover offers the great opportunity to work with and to support enthusiastic entrepreneurs who love what they do”